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It hurts to look at Hobrien at SDCC because I really really miss Sterek and now in real Shelley/Malia is between them again.Quit playing with our tender hearts.I might as well quit Teenwolf until theres a Sterek scene or something



ok my last two posts were basically saying: please don’t watch teen wolf tomorrow, or hopefully later episodes, and unfollow teen wolf accounts, don’t tweet/message/reblog/etc them.

the teen wolf team and some cast have been queerbaiting the fandom on purpose and, like usual, once everyone on…


there is a 42069% chance there is an immature joke hidden in this post

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"It makes the actors uncomfortable when you ask what ship they’re for, or try and ship real people"

Yet no one complains when it’s a guy & girl? That’s fine to do? If you’re against sterek, just be against sterek. Don’t try to be all high and mighty about it.

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Okay but how can TW and it’s cast ever complain about fanwork being inappropriate or wrong when they spent their days with Tyler Posey who doesn’t seem to talk about anything but penises, farts and masturbating . I don’t get it. He makes me so uncomfortable all the time, he’s rude and…

Scott: it means you guys are together, right? You're dating?
Stiles: I don't know...



I will defend Scott McCall till the day I die but I will not do the same for Tyler Posey. Yes, overall he is a good, kind, funny guy but his actions should not be excused just because he’s a celebrity. He has been rude and disrespectful to the fans who have gotten him to where he is today on more…


My feelings toward Stydia:

My feelings toward Sterek:

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